Puppet Show
Air date: May 5, 1997


Giles faces a true horror--running the annual Talent Show--at the instruction of Principal Snyder, Flutie's somewhat militant replacement. Snyder also instructs Buffy, Xander, and Willow to be in the Talent Show, and generally makes a nuisance of himself. To add insult to injury, one of the Talent Show entrants is found dead--with her heart cut out. At first the Slayerettes think it might be your basic serial killer, but Giles finds a text on the Brotherhood of the Seven, a clan of demons who must obtain the heart and brain of a human youth every seven years to keep up their own guise as youthful humans.

REDRUM!Suspicion falls upon Morgan, the class genius, who seem to be talking to the wooden dummy he uses for his performance and who is also suffering from headaches--right up until Morgan is found dead with his brain remved, and Buffy realizes that Sid, his dummy, is alive. Could he be the demon?

Sid turns out to be a demon hunter who has been imprisoned in a dummy's body. Once he and Buffy realize neither is the demon, they pair up to find the demon, which proves necessary once they realize that Morgan suffered from brain cancer, and so his cranium would be useless. And the magician really wants to demonstrate his magic trick involving a guillotine to Giles...


Air date: May 12, 1997


Happy the Clown, he is notEveryone's nightmares start coming true in Sunnydale, with the only common element being the occasional appearance of a young boy. One student's recurring dream of spiders attacking him in class actually happens; Xander walks into a class wearing only his underwear; Willow is forced to sing onstage; Giles gets lost in the stacks and forgets how to read; Cordelia has really awful hair and loses her fashion sense; and then Buffy is told by her father she was the reason her parents divorced.

Things get worse when the Master is freed--a nightmare Buffy has in the teaser made reality--Buffy is killed (Giles' nightmare) and comes back to life as a vampire (Buffy's). The chaos is finally traced to a young boy in a coma who was beaten by his Kiddie League coach, and whose constant reliving of that nightmare has been made real by the power of the Hellmouth--unless Buffy can make him confront his fear.


Out of Mind, Out of Sight
Air date: May 19, 1997


Prisoner for a dayCordelia is campaigning to be crowned Sunnydale High's May Queen. Mitch, her prospective date for the occasion, is clubbed in the locker room with a baseball bat--a bat seemingly acting of its own accord! Later, Cordelia's friend Harmony insists she was pushed. Everything points to an invisible person, and Buffy finds evidence of someone living in the ductwork: a girl named Marcie Ross whom nobody remembers, yet who has a Sunnydale High yearbook signed by most of the class, including Xander and Willow (everyone signed, "Have a nice summer").

Having been treated as if she were invisible for so long--especially Cordelia and her "Cordettes"--she has become literally invisible, and is now wreaking havoc on Cordelia's life. Buffy manages to stop her--though not before Marcie attempts to kill Giles, Xander, and Willow and almost mutilates Cordelia--at which point some federal agents take her away to a special school with some other invisible students to "rehabililate" her.


Prophecy Girl
Air date: June 2, 1997


I wanna dance with youOne the eve of the prom, Giles translates a rather devasting prophecy in The Pergamum Codex: "The Master shall rise and the Slayer shall die." Several portents--noticed by Giles, Jenny Calendar and Buffy--point to the Master finally freeing himself from his imprisonment. Giles tries to keep the prophecy from Buffy, but she overhears him discussing it will Angel. Though at first she rejects both the prophecy and her continuing as the Slayer ("Giles, I'm sixteen years old--I don't want to die"), the news of two students' deaths at the hands of vampires on schoolgrounds makes her realize her duty, and she goes after the Master. Angel and Xander go after her, arriving in time to find Buffy drowned and the Master free. Use of CPR revives Buffy, and she, Angel and Xander return to Sunnydale High to find that the Hellmouth is opening--right under the library--despite the best efforts of Giles, Jenny, Willow and Cordelia. Buffy confronts the Master once again, and this time he is the one who dies. "We saved the world," says Buffy at the end of it all. "I say we party."




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