When She Was Bad
Air date: September 15, 1997


Buffy returns from spending summer vacation with her father. Willow and Xander are relieved at first, as the summer has been exceedingly dull, though Buffy returns just in time to save the pair from a vampire--the first such they've seen since the Master was killed. The relief turns to concern, however, as Buffy is withdrawn, snappish, a little too eager to continue her training, and more rude to Cordelia than even she deserves. She also has a nightmare about Giles attacking her while Willow and Xander calmly look on.

End of an eraWhen the Master's buried bones go missing, everyone is concerned. Giles learns of a revivification rite that requires those "closest" to the Master when he died. It turns out to be a bad translation from Sumerian to Latin, and by the time he realizes it means "nearest," he and Willow are taken, along with Cordelia and Jenny, all of whom were next to the Master when he was impaled. Buffy, Xander and Angel must stop thte Anointed One and his new deputy, Absalom, from the completing the ceremony.

*NOTE* This is the episode in which Buffy and Xander share an intimate dance and exchange to Cibo Matto's "Suger Water." Here are some of my favorite moments:
Angel: What are you afraid of? Me? Us?

Buffy: Could you contemplate getting over yourself for a second? There's no 'us'. Look, Angel, I'm sorry if I was supposed to spend the summer mooning over you, but I didn't. I moved on. To the living.

She walks over to Xander and Willow's table.

Buffy turns to Xander and tilts her head up to his. There is a moment where they're close enough to kiss and their lips nearly touch--a brush with Fate.

Buffy: Xander? Did I ever thank you... for saving my life?

Lyrics: When a black cat...

Xander: No.

Lyrics: ...crosses my path

Buffy circles around his body intimately, sure not to give up contact for even a moment.

Lyrics: A woman in the moon is singing to the earth

Buffy: Don't you wish I would?

Buffy then coldly brushes him off and walks off the dance floor. Xander stands there, both in awe of her gall and the intensity of the moment passed.


Some Assembly Required
Air date: September 22, 1997


Buffy speaksAfter Buffy slays a newly minted vampire in the graveyard, she and Angel find that a body has been dug up and removed from its grave. The boyd belonged to a student from another school--a girl who was killed in a car crash with two fellow cheerleaders. The gang digs up one of the other fraves to find that body missing as well. Meanwhile, Angel, while looking for Buffy, sees Cordelia in the parking lot, and they both stumble across body parts for three whole girls. And all three heads are present.

It turns out that Chris Epps--the Science Club's prize student--and his friend Eric are trying to pull a Victor Frankenstein and create life from lifelessness. A disgusted Buffy tries to stop them and soon learns that the Frankenstein analogy is closer to the mark than she thought: Chris had already brought his football-jock brother Daryl back from the dead, albeit in a hideous form, and has now promised to give him a companion. But they need a freshly killed head to complete the body, and so they're going after Cordelia...


School Hard
Air date: September 29, 1997


Sweet dance sceneThere are a couple of new vampires in town: Spike and Drusilla. The former is a rebellious sort who goes his own way rather than stick with the traditional vampire rituals; the latter is the love of his life, who is completely insane and very weak. They show up in time for the Festival of St. Vigeous, when vampires' powers are at their height. Before that, though, is a much greater horror for Buffy: Parent-Teacher Night, and she's scared to deaht of what her teachers (not to mention the misanthropic Principal Snyder) will say to her mother. However, Spike--a.k.a. William the Bloody--decides to jump the gun and attack the school on Parent-Teacher Night, two days prior to St. Vigeous.

Buffy manages to drive them all off, with some help from Angel, Xander and, at the end, her mother, who clubs Spike with a fire ax. Spike runs off and is then soundly critized by the Anointed One and his cronies. Spike replies by throwing the Anointed One in a cage and exposing the boy to sunlight, then going to watch TV with Dru.


Inca Mummy Girl
Air date: October 6, 1997


Assembling the piecesSunnydale's exchange program brings students from all over the world to the school, and Joyce Summers is among the parents who volunteered to house the foreign kids. Buffy is not relishing the thought of sharing her house--nor is Xander when he learns that Ampata Gutierrez from South America is a boy. After a field trip to the local museum, a young student tries to steal the seal of an Incan princess' mummified remains and breaks it. This awakens the mummy, allowing her to drain the life, first from her would-be grave robber, then from Ampata, who is waiting for the late Buffy to pick him up at the bus station. Assuming the identity of Ampata, the princess learns about the modern world--and she and Xander fall for each other, to Willow's chagrin. As Xander and "Ampata" share a slow dance at the Bronze, Buffy and Giles realize that the exchange student is an imposter, and that they must find her and put the seal back together.




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