Season Two
Feeding the Frenzy

The real way to be a good Slayer or Slayerette is to read up on the best television series in history. And you've found the right place at "All that Glitters". I pride myself on having helpful episode guides convienently organized. For the ultimate episode guide ever, though, head to; it has everything. Or you can elect to visit the links page in the main window of ATG.

Continuing our obsession, season two provided us with some of the most hard-hitting, heart-wrenching episodes up until that time. We fell in love with the characters even more than before. For this webmistress, season two clinched my addicition and set me on the road to BX-ness. In my humble opinion, there has been no better season since two, and unless I actually get some real B/X without the angst, it will remain the best. Definitely check this season out.

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