The Sunnydale Archives

You are now entering the fanfiction archives of "All that Glitters." Soon this will be the second stop on your list of great BX archives.

"All that Glitters" is committed to showcasing only what I consider the best fanfiction out there. That means: no cliche plots, no hard-to-comprehend grammar, original perspectives and fresh ideas only. I want to expand the BXer's mind and take him or her places before unexplored. I want to move you, shake you, scare you and dazzle you. That's why only outstanding fic will be in here.

But first I have to get the fic. Which means one of two things:

   1) Authors can submit with the form in the submissions section of this site.

   2) I scout for fic, find winners on my own and archive them here.

Both are likely to happen, so always check the news section for updates and added fic. Now, without further ado, enter the archives and begin the journey into the realm of BX. Choose from either:





better resources. better fanfic. better bx.