Aspects of Love
(Sequel to 'Breaking the Rules' and 'Mirror Mirror'). Coping in the aftermath. Buffy finds out just how much she's prepared to love Xander.

Rating: R      Category: Romance      Length: 5 Chapters      Status: Complete
Breaking the Rules
Xander may be in danger and gets additional protection other than Buffy. Buffy is put out, but is this the real reason she's jealous?

Rating: R      Category: Romance      Length: 7 Chapters      Status: Complete
Mirror, Mirror
(Sequel to 'Breaking the Rules') An old enemy and a new enemy get together and causetrouble for Buffy and Xander. Can Buffy and Xander's relationship stand the strain?

Rating: R      Category: Drama      Length: 4 Chapters      Status: Complete




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