Chapter Sixteen - Uncommon Knowledge

The locker door was slammed promptly and Buffy turned to see that a smiling redhead was waiting behind her, "Hey, how did your date with Oz go? I'm assuming that's why you can be so peppy on a Monday morning?"

"Oh, it was nice, we went Bronzing and he did the most cutest thing," Willow responded with a sigh as her friend couldn't help but crack a smile.

"Um…let me guess, he jumped on to the stage, whispered to the guitarist, took the guitar and began to sing a song he wrote especially for you called, "When I'm With You," she said as Willow looked at her with widened eyes. " Before you begin to think that I have some sort of strange immediate spider-sense that's linked to the slayage gene, I have to tell you that I was Bronzing too."

Willow opened her mouth to reply, but closed it quickly as she frowned, "But what about - "

"Xander!" Buffy said as she saw her boyfriend walking past her.

"Buff, Will, I walk past you and you actually call me back?" He said with a grin, "But no time to chat, I gotta hurry to class."

The girls paused for a moment, before Buffy pulled his arm and brought him back to their group, "Wait a minute, do we know you? I mean, Alexander LaVelle Harris, actually wants to go to class…early?"

"Look, I joined this creative writing class that meets once a week during 2nd period; therefore, I get to go there and not to 2nd period…where the Ogre dwells," he said with a smile not wanting to reveal his real reasons, but he was met on disapproving teacher looks.

"Xander! That class is for those who really want to write!" she said angrily, "You shouldn't just take it to get out of class."

"So, I'll write, Will, just for you, but I won't be able to write anything at all if I'm late," he said with a sigh, knowing that they would never understand. He gave Buffy a kiss on the cheek before waving good-bye to both of them.

Willow looked at her friend reproachfully when he left, "Buffy…you didn't tell him!"

"Yeah…I know," the blonde said with a sigh, "It's just that I don't know how he's going to take it. Y'know it isn't easy telling your boyfriend you want to give your ex, who was formerly your vampire lover, his soul back."

"But you have to tell him your reasons…I'm sure he'd understand," she replied, but as soon as she realized what she had said and who she had been referring to, she faltered, "Um…maybe not."

"Precisely," Buffy said with a sigh as the bell rang loudly and echoed through the halls. She would rather do anything right now than contemplate about what to tell Xander about her wants to initiate the curse…even if it meant going to class.