Chapter Twenty-Four - Again With the Magic

Chapter Twenty-Four - Again With the Magic

Cordelia sighed as she saw Xander disappear into the distance and dark of the night and turned to reenter the Bronze. She hesitated as her hand reached the silver knob of the door. Shaking her head, she began to head to her car and go home. Cordelia was tired of everything that was going on in her life, tired of the "IN" parties, tired of the people who called themselves her friends.

Her hands gripped the steering wheel tightly as she sat in thought about her conversation with Xander and she wondered what his nod meant. If only he knew what she knew about this present Buffy/Angel situation, but as she thought about it, she wondered how he would react to what she had seen and heard the other day…

… "The blood of youth," chuckled Angel in the alley as he sank his teeth into the body of the girl in his clutches.

"Oh my God," Cordelia said in a hushed whisper as she hid in the doorway of the Bronze. "Angel, this plan of yours is perfect," Druscilla said as she came from behind him, "Cast a spell on the slayer to make her think that she was in love with you…so when are we going to kill the slayer and have her blood as our wine?"

"Soon, Dru, soon, and when her blood is our wine, you'll have that dinner party you've always wanted and then there will be a toast to the Sorcerer for his spells and magic and all that junk," he said as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Dru laughed, "To think that all we had to do to protect you from their soul spell was to cast a counter spell on your pretty little head…how I love magic…and all its darkly goodness." "Oh, and that expression on the White Knight's face," Angel said with a laugh as they walked out of the alley arm in arm, "That was priceless…I wish you could have been there, you would have had such a laugh!" …

…Cordelia shuddered, she could imagine what his expression must have been like, so much like it was earlier when she had mentioned Buffy for the first time, but so much more worse. She wished that he could know that what she said, about Buffy still being in love with him, was not only a matter of opinion, but a matter of fact. There was no way she could tell him about all of this magic without him going off the handle of crazed, but she had to tell someone.

With a sharp breath, she stepped out of her car and walked back into the Bronze as quick as her heels could carry her. Giving a flirtatious smile at the Bouncer, she walked in without having to pay again and headed to where Oz and Willow sat listening to the band.

"Willow…Oz?" she said carefully.

"Cordelia…" they said in surprise.

"Double twin…much?" she said and winced, "Sorry, force of habit, I've got to talk to you guys…"


"Hold on," Giles said as he hushed the clamoring students in front of him, "L - Let me get this straight. Angel is not Angel, but rather he is still in his demonic state, but with a humane façade? Buffy is not in love with him, but rather been induced into a spell to make her think such thoughts for him? And s-someone known as the S-sorcerer, has placed such spells and the counter spell for the soul into effect?" They all nodded solemnly and he sighed, "Dear God." "So, what's the plan?" Cordelia prompted with raised eyebrows.

"Book…computers…research," he said as he grabbed a few volumes from the shelf and handed it to them.

Willow turned on the computer, "But Giles, what are we looking for?"

"I'm hoping…we may not be able to create a counter spell for a spell which has already been countered, but we may have a chance to be rid of the love spell cast on Buffy," he explained. "We must also find more about the Sorcerer and how powerful he is."

"What's with us and love spells?" Cordelia said with a sigh as she opened a book, "Figures that when we have a spell that actually works and we're gonna have to dismantle it."

"What are you talking about? I only recall Xander's incident of on Valentine's Day," the librarian said with a frown.

Willow and Oz looked at her with warning glances and she quickly replied, "Uh…I'm probably just thinking about something else…um…speaking of Xander, what are we going to tell him?"

"Well, we can't tell him about the love spell, it's gonna make things worse between him and Buffy later," Willow interjected, "So, why don't we tell him that the spell that she's under just makes her think that Angel's back?"

"I don't know, aren't we all suppose to be under that assumption?" Oz said, "Doesn't that mean we're all under a spell?"

"So, that's out of the question of an excuse," Cordelia said with a sigh, "Okay, what about telling him it's some weird spell that's making her think that Angel can do no wrong? Like say when I saw him doing the whole sucking thing, Buffy was around and she didn't slay or blink an eye."

"That's actually a good idea," Oz admitted in surprise.

"See, I'm helpful," she smiled.

"Astounding," answered Giles.

Cordelia ignored his comment and continued, "Now that that's over and done with, we just have one more problem to solve before we get into this magic thing."

"And what's that?" Willow asked as Oz and Giles followed with questioning glances. "Who's going to call him?"