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Come and experience the wonderful world of B/X and have fun while you do!

Welcome to the newest addition to "All that Glitters". Webmistress Aurorarose13 is proud to present some unique games specifically edited for BX enjoyment. Relive some classics as well as sample some new, if not bizarre ones! One thing's for sure: you'll find something at least a little entertaining. All these java-games are made possible by The JavaScript Source, so be sure to stop by for free code! Now, on with the games!


Try your luck with my BX quiz. Do you remember the little moments? Have you kept your eyes and ears open? No cheating allowed! Be prepared to know your show as well as BX. Three levels include Easy, Medium, and Really, Really Hard Yet Still Possible. (Level Two not working yet!)

Match up cute pictures of Buffy and Xander. Race the clock and go back and see if you can beat your own time. (Coming soon...)

A special version of Hangman made especially for Buffy and Buffy/Xander. (Up and running...)

Go nuts with a madlib that you don't know the story topic (okay, so I assume you know it has SOMETHING to BX). Have fun! (Coming soon...)

Frankly, this is not a BX game, but I found this a long time ago, then I found this code years later, and I had to have it. Good for laughs. (Up and running...)

Take this one question survey. Once you play this, you'll see why I know the results already. (Up and running...)

The classic with the BX twist. (Coming soon...)




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