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Take a Walk Around Sunnydale

Adam Busch/Warren Meers Sites

See links for Warren under W.

Alexis Denisof/Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Sites

See links for Wesley under W.

Alyson Hannigan/Willow Rosenberg Sites

See links for Willow under W.

Amber Benson/Tara McClay Sites

See links for Tara under T.

Amy Madison/Elizabeth Anne Allen Sites

Coven of Amy
Pretty layout; sometimes hard to navigate. Great content. A must for Amy fans.
Habit Trail
Great Amy Site, with actress info as well. Nice layout, decent content.

Angel/David Boreanaz Sites

Angel Phantasy
For Angel, this is a full site. Plenty of pics, info, adoptions and more.
Angel's Secrets
For the character more than the actor. Nice layout. Clean and organized.
Angel's Slaves
Angel fans only. Web list, rumors, quotes, and all things Angel.
Angelus Dedication All about Angelus. Tons to see and do. Unique; great layout. Awesome content, great idea!

Phoenix's David Boreanaz Cool Stuff Site: Looking for stats on David, or Angel even? Unofficial. Info and articles about him abound.

That Angelic Glare: Angel pictures galore. Good quality.

Angel the Series General Info Sites

Flights of Angel
Fantastic, informative, unique. Pretty colors and layouts. A must-click.
Upyr University
Games and downloads. Honors fic authors and fanfic. Visit Upyr University to study your undead.
To Shanshu in LA
Topnotch page with everything. Great multimedia. Wonderful layout. Bright colors. Great content.

The Angel Annex: Good site with excellent episode guide. Has quotes, galleries and some terrific links.

City of Angel: The nicest Angel page I've seen, COA has everything. Great search engine for BtVS and AtS oriented sites. Flash plugin required.

The Sanctuary: A wonderful Angel source, with a unique layout. Very detailed episode guide, but may take a good deal of time to load. Graphics intensive.

Anthony Stewart Head/Rupert Giles Sites

See links for Rupert under R.

Anya Emerson/Emma Caulfield Sites

An unofficial guide to Emma Caulfield, with some stuff on Anya. Nicely organized.
Emma Caulfield Online
Another unofficial page primarily devoted to Emma. Currently down for renovations.
For both actor and character. Great resource. Lots to do and see. Multimedia and news abound.

Awesome Anya: Although the colors are a little obnoxious, this is a decent site. Mainly for the character Anya, it has polls, pics and a bio.

The Sofa in Hell: I threw this in here because it has some nice, hard to find details on Anya's character, plus the site has a great name. There are some pics and some random stuff. Not too much else at the moment.

Armin Shimmerman/Principal R. Snyder Sites

See links for Principal R. Snyder under P.

Award Sites

All or Nothing Awards
A decent award site with nice pop-up window.
The Awards
Award site with games and quizzes. Awards throughout the year for outstanding sites.
Judgement Awards
Very cool! Lots of nominees, which means lots of sites to browse.
The Passion Awards
Lots of links, cool layout. Interesting categories, too.

Anything but Average Awards: New award site with nice layout. As always, good links to great sites.


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