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Take a Walk Around Sunnydale

Bailey Chase/Graham Miller

See links for Graham under G.

Bianca Lawson/Kendra

See links for Kendra under K.

Buffy Summers/Sarah Michelle Gellar

Cool Intentions
SMG page with lots of pics, sounds clips and videos. Wonderful layout; loads to do.
My SMG Site
Unique. Lots of huge, quality scans. Cool "swimming" images.
Colorful, informative websight. Easy navigation and easy on the eyes.
SMG Dream
Beautiful layout. Standard content. Message board.
SMG Paradise
In the midst of moving to a new server, so closed for the time being.
SMG on Starpulse
Downloads galore, interviews and games. Links to SMG multi all over the net.

Portraits of Sarah: So the actual site design isn't that pretty, so what? Great images of SMG for any fan.

Sarah-Michelle-Gellar.com: All things SMG. Forum, bio, filmography, etc.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Printable Gallery: For the actress SMG. Extensive picture galleries as well as some news.

Buffy/Xander Fan Sites

Buffy's White Knight
Other than this site, the only BX site constantly updated. Very nice.
Dreams, Death & Destiny
A graphics site with a BX twist. From the maker of the To Die For Awards.

Beloved by the Zeppo: The ultimate in Buffy/Xander fic, with a project to get to 1000 fanfics, and all the great BXness in between. Check out the unique interactive section.

The Buffy/Xander Lover Club: The official club of all BXers. While I *wish* it would be updated after all these years, it's not. Still, it has resources, and you can *feel* official saying you belong.

FriendsLove: A brand new BX site.

Zeppoware: It's never updated (at least to my knowledge), but it has some great buttons, two of which are used on this site. It's unique and special and a must for BX fans.


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