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Take a Walk Around Sunnydale

Eliza Dushku/Faith Sites

See links for Fatih under F.

Elizabeth Anne Allen/Amy Madison Sites

See links for Amy under A.

Emma Caulfield/Anya Emerson Sites

See links for Anya under A.

Episode Guides

Buffy Guide
: Amazing episode guide. Well designed, easy to use. In-depth and descriptive with other goodies.

BuffyWorld: Same summaries that Buffyguide has. Added bonuses, including trailer for the episodes and transcripts.

GEOS: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Series Home: Part of a larger database for other TV shows. Titles are translated into different languages, and if you can translate, you'll get a kick out of the outrageous titles.

Loey's Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Obsessive episode guides. Page is very basic and not visually appealing, but this is all about content.


Amends Fanlisting
: Fanlisting for the episode "Amends". Screen caps and detailed episode synopsis.
Bad Girls Fanlisting
: Fanlisting for the episode "Bad Girls". Screen caps, transcript, trailer and sounds.
The Body Fanlisting
: "Body" fanlisting. Screencaps and synopsis.
No Place Like Home Fanlisting
: "No Place Like Home" episode site/fanlisting. Script, screencaps and quiz.
Fool for Love Fanlisting
: Fanlisting for the episode "Fool for Love". Pictures, synopsis and extras.
The Gift Fanlisting
: Fanlisting for the episode "The Gift". Synopsis and screencaps.
A Glory Night
: Fanlisting for the episode "The Prom". Synopsis and screencaps.
Going Through the Motions
: Interactive guide to the beloved musical episode, with fanlisting as well. Very cool.
: Fanlisting for the episode "The Wish". Gallery, script, quiz and reviews.
I Only Have Eyes for You Fanlisting
: Fanlisting for the episode "I Only Have Eyes for You". Images and quotes.
: Fanlisting for the episodes "This Year's Girl/Who Are You". Screencaps and synopsis.
Primeval Fanlisting
: "Primeval" fanlisting. Script, gallery, spell, quotes, fanart and reviews.
: "Hush" episode site/fanlisting. Nice site. If you love this site, join the list; plus, it's pop-up free.
Surprise/Innocence Fanlisting
: "Surprise/Innocence" fanlisting. Transcript and gallery.

Episode Transcripts

See links for Transcripts under T.



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