July 13, 2002: Where have I been and what have I been up to? Well, folks, I'm redoing the layout of this site again. I know, I know, again?! I get restless, what can I say? Right now, I've downloaded this fun and exciting new program called Dreamweaver, and I'm working on some Flash stuff for the site, so this will hopefully be one of the most interactive and exciting webpages you can go to. Doubtful it will be up anytime soon, so in the meantime you can enjoy this layout. Content will be expanded and changed when the layout is up. Until then, you will have to make do. Oh, and I change one link in my cliques.

July 4, 2002: Basically all I did today was add four new animated icons. I tell you, making those is a blast! So, yeah, happy Fourth. The next update will probably be fic, as I'm very far behind, much to most of you people's dismay. Sorry, but I didn't quite realize how very hard it is to grammar check fic. There's a lot of interesting BX story lines out there, but, man, the grammar just hurts my eyes. Please, I beg of thee, if you think of writing fic, stop by the tools section of this site and READ THE GRAMMAR ADVICE! If that isn't enough, go the grammar guide. And that's my public service announcement for the day.

July 3, 2002: I realize it's been a very long while since an update, but apparently between these two times, my life happened, for better and worse. It's been a very difficult time recently, but I'm back, seeing as this weekend I'll be very bored otherwise. Anyway, happy Fourth, everyone! Tomorrow marks the official anniversary of the crowning of "All that Glitters," changed from a random, useless page about my worthless self into a BX haven. Yes, from one extreme to another. One year as a BX site and five versions later!!! So here's what I've done: relinked My Links and the Link Here sections in the "Links" section. The Community section is finally up, and it has come to my attention that many new BX websites are on the horizon. I am asking anyone active in the community or just BX aware to keep my informed. Email me. The Multimedia section has been combined with the Interaction section, so you can find games and icons in the same place. Oh, yeah, and one cool new animated icon.

June 12, 2002: I've uploaded 28 new images in the gallery. Please be aware that due to bandwidth and space limits, it may take a while to load. Anyway, this now makes a wonderful total of 85 images. I doubt if I'll add any more, so if you're looking for an image I don't have, I suggest you head over to my links section and click g for "galleries". There are some great links there.

June 11, 2002: What have I been doing these last few days? Making new graphics for the site and shopping, but that's beside the point. The new graphics will most likely go up tomorrow along with a bunch more pictures for the gallery. There is a new addition to the fanfic archive: Silvia Kundera with her fic "Esperanta." I suggest you check it out. Also, if you would kindly sign my guestbook! I know you want to! Go to the main page and do it for me, for little ol' me! Please!!! I adore feedback.

June 5, 2002: So I've finally done it--I've made a website compatible with 800x600 screens. I rather like it. With that out of the way, I have to remember to reincorporate certain sections back into fold. Then all I have to do is work out some kinks. I'm really going for aestics here, so more images and so forth to come. Please sign my guestbook, people. Look, here's me begging. Pweese! To get back to main page, simply click on the *glitters slogan in the top right corner of your screen. You'll find the guestbook there. Okay, well, I shall retire for tonight. Who knows what tomorrow holds in this site? The Shadow knows... Wait, wrong show.

June 4, 2002: New layout should be up tomorrow. I'm having all sorts of horrible problems with transparencies and the like, otherwise it would have been up tonight. I'm tired of looking at this layout, even though I enjoy it. This one will be even better, compatible with 800x600. How do I know? I've been staring at an 800x600 resolution this whole time to make it work. God, how can you people stand this resolution? It's making my eye sockets bleed. Anyway, yes, tomorrow, new layout. Oh! And if you haven't seen it, I've been accepted as a member of Full of Grace!!! Yea, me!

June 3, 2002: More fic running rampant here. Update when it's all done.

June 2, 2002: The fanfic files have finally been rescued from my old computer, which only took all day. God, what an ordeal. It is probably not a good idea to try and salvage things from a computer with close to thirty separate viruses. First, I tried saving them to disk, but the computer wouldn't recognize the A drive, so I had to connect the Internet through a USB port and email the files to myself, which caused my mailbox to shut down for a while. Anyway, I'm rambling. I hope you people appreciate this. It's only been, like, a year in the making. ;) Much fic and soon. Chapter 2 of "Aspects of Love" by Joanne W. is now up for your reading pleasure. Thank you and goodnight.

June 1, 2002: I've been promising new links for a while now, and I've finally done it. Wish I could say the same for the episode guide and fanfic (sorry I suck). Well, there are a handful more in. I would have done more, but Explorer decided it wanted to suck also, and it closed all my windows. So I've added a few new sections in links, including fanart, Connor/Vincent Kartheiser links, Harmony/Mercedes McNab links, a few new Cliques and a few new General Info links. That seems to be it for now. More soon as I want to clean out my Favorites folder. And I plan on doing the research and community sections in short order. I have to get cracking if I want to get into any elitist cliques! If you would like to help me in any way, boost my morale with a note in the guestbook please!!! Find it on the main page.

May 27, 2002: End of the day status report--the first twelve of the Buffy good guys have their stats. From Buffy to Jenny, each has a standard set of statitics on him or her. One link erased and none yet added, though I have them organized in my favorites folder for easy addition tomorrow. Retiring at 2:15 a.m. on the 28th.

May 27, 2002: In case you didn't get the memo, I got back earlier this week, although I haven't had the chance to update this site like I wanted to. Well, today that's all going to change. See, I'm gonna start the bios today, mainly the good guys, and it'll really only be the stats for now. Also, I'm gonna drag my laptop downstairs here so I can add some new links. I think it's about time. And speaking of about time, tomorrow I'm gonna finally add the rest of all those fics I have in my archives. Since this is the new computer, I forgot to save my clean versions of those fics onto a disc to transfer onto this computer, and I refuse to go through all that revision again, so I'll make the transfer tomorrow.

May 17, 2002: First off I want to wish my best friend of all my 19 years a happy 20th. Soon we'll be two decades in the making. You think I should get us an anniversary card? Anyway, finishing up my cliques for a while now. Tomorrow morning I leave this house in Pittsburgh to visit one of my best friends at school in Milwaukee. I'll be seeing the season finale (hopefully) up there. I'll be returning at about six next Wednesday, and since I have the following week off work, expect some major additions to this site!

May 15, 2002: Updated the cliques section again. Wee fun. Nothing else has been touched for a while, much to my chagrin, but I have a big update in mind soon.

May 2, 2002: Well, I stopped waiting for my father to switch the old and the new comp, and I took things into my own hands, thus a beautiful, working, FAST & QUIET computer. In honor of this glorious eve, I have fixed the God-awful cliques page, added a bunch more of them and changed the layout of the section. ::cracks knuckles:: And I've only just begun joining! Most are my old cliques or LOTR stuff. Anyway, I'm getting bags under my eyes from this stuff, but this is a result of a 40-hour work week. And in case any of you care, which you probably don't--I got all A's and only one B (in Philosophy) this semester! Damn! Woohoo!!!

May 1, 2002: Added the "My Links" section with ten of my very favorite links. Also, I redid my info on the "About Me" page. And then I watched Dogma and wished I was married to Jason Lee. And then I decided, hey, it's 2:20 AM and I have work in the morning; I should get my ass to bed. So, therefore, I'm off. Goodnight to all. Hopefully my cliques page will be pretty soon. And the "Community" stuff will be up soon. Oh, and did I add this stupid desktop REALLY sucks. I want my laptop! ::cries:: Sorry. Night.

April 30, 2002: Stupid computer. I just got fed up and turned it off without a real update.

April 25, 2002: So I've been trying to work out a lot of kinks of the site, and what I pain, I tell you! I worked a lot with transparent gif's today so I won't have to go through this damn process again when I change layouts. Anyway, I've been fooling with the pop-ups as well. I haven't yet had the chance to add My Links or redo the Cliques section, which is an absolute mess because I had to delete over 20 of them because they no longer worked (damn envy.nu and virtue.nu for closing). My interests have also changed a little, so I'll have to join some new ones soon. At any rate, I have to start packing since I'm moving home tomorrow night, after my horrifying German final at noon. :( I rocked on my Japanese oral and written, but I dunno about this German. It's all essays on a play I haven't read cos reading German is very time-consuming for me. Anyway, off to pull down my Elijah posters. ::sniffs::

April 17, 2002: New layout, which I like so much better. By the way, folks, if you can't view all of the image map on the side, then your browser window is too small. I don't feel like adjusting this version to cater to everyone's needs cos it looks fantastic on my 1024x768 window. I only have three toolbars up in the IE, so if you can't see it all in 1024, that's why. Anyway, I still need to do a lot of individual page changing, just as I did before. Also, I've added links to four new sections THAT DO NOT WORK YET. I will get to it when I can. They are as follows: community, essays, my links and research. They be here soon, promise.

April 14, 2002: Tons of new links, and there will be tons more coming soon. All links A-G work. Plans for the next couple of days include adding new categories in A-G, too. Hopefully H and I will work by tomorrow, but with the amount I need to add, it's doubtful.

April 12, 2002: Well, it woulda been nice if I coulda updated yesterday, but Tripod, being as stupid that it is, wouldn't let me. So today I have completed links section D and E. Unfortunately, much to my horror and dismay, pretty much half of the old links were down, so I had to go scouting for more. What a pain. And all envy.nu sites are out, which totally bites because most of my memberships sites were on there. Dammit!

April 10, 2002: Links A through C are all working. Added several new ones as well. The search begins for more, updated BX sites. If you have any info as to where I might find more of those, email me. That's all for today.

April 9, 2002: All twelve episodes of the first season as well as the first four of season two are working. I've just begun to remodel the links section, so bear with me because I have to sort through the necessary ones and edit backgrounds and so forth. This may take a good deal of time. And please, all of you that visit, sign my guestbook; I wanna know you were here.

April 8, 2002: Added White Werewolf's story "You are Your Own Worst Enemy" and added another menu pop-up navigation menu. I've been swamped with work, so nothing more added.

April 7, 2002: Well, stupid Tripod cut out service to me last night, so I didn't get a chance to finish the eppie pop-up, but hopefully today. However, I have a birthday party to go to tonight and a ten minute German report for which I must actually start to research. The good news is I'm having a friend teach me how imagemaps work, so the guide should be working in no time. All I have to do then is add the episodes! ;)

April 6, 2002: Today mostly I have tried to work out the kinks in the episode guide pop-up's design. It's been a real pain, but I've discovered a new and fun way to navigate through a framed pop-up, so I'm off to accomplish it. Oh, and I'd just like to extend a warm welcome to those from the Yahoo! BX_Fanfic list, who have been so kind as to drop by all day. This is also a reminder that all of you should then be so kind to sign the guestbook, please?

April 4, 2002: I have decided to open this site to the public despite the fact that it is not all working yet. The episode guides and the biographies, much to my dismay are not working. I'm having a good bit of trouble trying to figure out how to get my javascript menus to drop down over another frame. I have the code, but I can't seem to make it work. If there is anyone out there who can help, please IM me at EoCaDHBXS or email me at hellsdairyman@yahoo.com. Anyone, everything else in the BX stuff workds, and most of the pages in Site Stuff work too. Most likely everything else will take some time as finals are creeping up on me very quickly and work is all consuming.




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