The Sunnydale SATs

I'm impressed you've made it this far. Nah, not really. The first level was easy. Okay, this level gets considerably harder, so beware. I trust you can manage though.

Objective: Now answer 7 more questions correctly to make it to the next level. JavaScript required!

1. WARM-UP: In which episode does Xander give Buffy a good luck bracelet?

"The Witch"
"Killed by Death"
"The Freshmen"

2. What did the bracelet read?

"For My Beloved"
"One and Only"
"Yours, Always"

3. How was Oz changed into a werewolf?

He was born one.
A "dog" bit him.
His friend Randy bit him.
His cousin Jordy bit him.

4. Who is Spike's sire?

The Master

5. In what dormitory did Buffy live at UC Sunnydale and who was her first roommate?

Fischer Hall; Kathy
Richmond Hall; Michelle
Weisman Hall; Rachael
Richmond Hall; Kristin

6. Who is Mr. Gordo?

Buffy's stuffed pig
The leader of the Gentlemen
Willow's HS Math teacher
Xander's nickname for his chubby Math teacher

7. Who did Faith accidentally murder in "Bad Girls"?

A random passerby
Deputy Mayor Finch
Assistant Principal Powers
Devon MacLeish

8. What does the phrase "baking a cake" mean in "The Zeppo"?

Doing drugs
Baking a cake
A bomb
Casting a spell

9. Why was Spike nicknamed William the Bloody (in his pre-vamp days)?

His violent temper
His frequent nosebleeds
His "bloody awful" poetry
His penchant for S&M

10. Which of the following has Buffy not slept with:

Parker Abrams
Riley Finn
Scott Hope

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