All that glitters is not gold,
but some things are just as precious.

xander over angel... for once
an angel scourned

Dedicated to the only couple that hasn't happened on the show, "All that Glitters" is in the business to give you, the watcher, a source to turn to when faith may dwindle and hope may recede. For all the hot news and updates on this site, see my news section.

Here at "All That Glitters," the average B/X shipper can find all sorts of goodies. Using the drop down menus above, and you'll see that I have bios with tips to remember for fic writing, a fiction archive, BX multimedia, games, quizzes, awards and plenty of links for other BX and BtVS links. And the thing is, it's always growing and expanding here.

But this site is not simply restricted to B/X shippers. No, here we have lots of information for any aspiring fanfic writer. The bios will hopefully prove to be the most comprehensive on the net, and the tools section will help anyone write better fic. Though BX oriented, I hope to be all 'ship friendly. For all the details for the reasons for creation as well as the real goal of this site, drop by my purpose section.

Meanwhile, enjoy your stay and be sure to sign the guestbook. You know you want to... And please feel free to bookmark me! I aim to please! Service with a smile, I always say. :) Stop back anytime and keep the hope alive.




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