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So you have a little something you'd like to submit to the archives? Well, I think we (Giles and the Empress) can help with that. All you have to do is follow these simple guidlelines, fill out a form, and leave the rest up to us.

What guidelines, you say? Don't worry, these are easy enough to follow. But you must follow all of them if you expect to be archived here. If you do not comply with all of these, then I will delete the entry. You will not receive an email notification or anything else; it will simply be sent to the trash bin. With that in mind, here is the list:

  • 1) All fics must be BX. You may include other 'ships in them, but the primary relationship has to be BX. That is not to say it can't simply be a BX friendship piece, but since this is a BX archive, I will not take any fics that does not have (or does not focus on) serious BX interaction.
  • 2) There are no NC-17 fics allowed in this archive. You want NC-17 BX fic, try another archive or the ultimate fanfiction site: NC-17 will be trashed, if sent.
  • 3) You must have a summary listed for your story. There is a space provided in the form, and it must be filled out. I will not accept any stories without summaries. Also, in the summary box, make sure you write what episode it takes place after, if any, or give the time frame, i.e., ten years from "Becoming."
  • 4) Your fic must be true to the show. No vampires suddenly breathing or staring at themselves in the mirror. Keep your timeline true to the story and continuity in mind. I will not accept stories that have no structure and break the rules of the show. For more information and tips to remember while writing a fic, see the tools section of this site.
  • 5) Although I do not require a fic to be beta-read, it is preferred and highly recommended. Unless you feel that you have a great mastery on content and grammar, I suggest you either visit Beloved by the Zeppo (listed in the Guild section and then in Help) for betas who would gladly read and review your fic. For more information on what betas are and what they do, visit my tools section. Remember, because I only accept those fics I deem well-written and well-structured, you may want to seek the help of a beta anyway. I will not be betaing fics for everyone. I have enough to do. If I take a while to get up, that means I am revising it because I think it is a worthwhile read for others; however, this is only in extreme cases that I deem *classics*. If you don't want your grammar scrutinized, don't submit. By submitting, you consent to my revisions of grammar only (there will be no actual story revision).
  • 6) Cliches. I hate these suckers. Don't know what they are? A cliche is any idea that has been used and reused and recycled a thousand times. These can range from main characters getting kidnapped and discovering their feelings along the way (which I even admit I did once), all the way to suffering some great loss and consoling each other only to find love. Not to say that all stories written with these types of plots are bad, but they're tiresome. While I might accept some extrodinary ones, they will really have to blow my socks off. I would much prefer original, creative ideas. Keep in mind, I will read every story before I accept it, so I'll be looking!
  • 7) Please only send one chapter at a time. Use a new form to send the following chapters one by one. It makes it much easier on poor, little ol' me.
  • 8) If you have written a crossover, please leave a note in the summary box for me, indicating which show you have also used. This will help me list it in the site, and also so I can write a general disclaimer for it.

Simple enough, yes? Only one thing left for me to tell you about submitting here. Just because you submit, it does not guarantee archiving. Let me break down--really quickly, I promise--how this works.

First, you submit your story either by form, or if that doesn't work because of your browser, email it to me, using the guidelines at the top of the next page. I will review it as soon as I possibly can.

If I like your story enough, I will publish it on this site, and I will send you an email confirmation along with appropriate link. If I don't decide to accept it, you will not hear from me. Remember, the best way to get posted here is to have your fic carefully beta-read. And always try to be original. Even if I don't like some other things in your fic, I will generally accept it if it's an outstanding idea.

With that all said and done now, you are ready to submit! Simply click on the link below to send you to the form page. Just remember to fill out all fields! Good luck, and I hope to archive you here soon.

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