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Take a Walk Around Sunnydale

Danny Strong/Johnathan Levenson Sites

See links for Johnathan under J.

Darla/Julie Benz Sites

Amazing Julie
: Nice media. Helpful links and click Extras for some interesting features.
: Dedicated to the character. Decent site, with bits on Julie as well. Easy to navigate; no pop-ups.
: Exhaustive Julie Benz biography. Offers fic and essays on how to write this amazing character.
Official Julie Benz
: Official site of the actress, with a very cool layout. Interact with the site and other fans!

Dawn Summers/Michelle Trachtenberg Sites

Back Before Dawn
: Beautiful layout. Very well done. More on the character than the actress.
Evening of the Day
: Dedicated Dawn, very well made site. Nice info.

Almost Normal: Not pretty, but very informative and interesting. Lots of unique, helpful info.

Discussion Boards/Forums

: A discussion board for characters and show. Pretty cool, but registration required (free).
Buffy Cross & Stake
: Well-known message board and chatroom. Spoilers abound here.

Drusilla/Juliet Landau Sites

Drusilla’s Garden
: Great Dru resource, with nice links. Pretty purple and black colors.
Drusilla the Vampire
: Sounds and a bio. Not much else yet other than screencaps.
Juliet Net
: Beautiful Juliet page! Love the navigation, the organization, the information.
Spank Me Till Tuesday
: Another great Dru site just begging to be viewed.



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