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Take a Walk Around Sunnydale

Faith/Eliza Dushku Sites

Bad Girls
About the bad girls of Buffy, mostly Faith. Great layout and cool stuff to download and do.
Bang! A Faith Story
Wonderful site, although it took all my brain to get a code since she has right-click disabled.
Download Faith music, wallpapers and a gallery. Navigation a little awkward.
Eliza Dushku Online
Wonderful, complete site. Lots of news and rumors about Eliza. A great resource.
Faith Dance Club
Unique site for the Faith's character (with a great bio), and her terrific dancing.
Nifty Faith/Eliza site with cool stuff to download, do and learn.

Fanart Sites

Fanart warehouse with your choice of layout.
Lots of artwork for both BtVS and AtS. Suggestion box and tips for newbies.
Pandora's Box
Wallpapers, galleries, and some really beautiful and unique artwork.
Reject Reality
Lots of artwork and plenty of excellent wallpapers.


A Little Bit in Love with It
: Showcases all sorts of fic, from adult, slash and general to fluff and unconventional.

Fanfiction.net: The ultimate resource for all types of fanfic. Anyone can be published and get feedback.

The Slayer's Fanfic Archive: First Buffy archive I stumbled upon, this is a relatively decent site for various BtVS fic. All 'ships.

Fanged Four

Blood Screaming
: Timeline of Fanged Four events, fiction, and a terrific resource on these characters.
One Happy Family
: Individual bios on each vampire. Fanfiction, pictures and adoptions.

Forrest Gates/Leonard Roberts

The Official Leonard Roberts Site: I put this in here because, although it is down at the moment, since it is the official site, I thought I'd throw it in. If you like the actor or the character, this will be the site for you (once it's done).

Forums/Discussion Boards

See links for Discussion Boards under D.


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