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Take a Walk Around Sunnydale

Gallery Sites

Buffy Guide
Incredible gallery for cast (regular and irregular members), where many of this site's pics come from.
Buffy Online
: Amazing photo gallery. Looking for a place to find pices of you favorite characters? Go here.
Simply Buffy
Well-rounded site. Episode guides, spoilers, news with organized picture gallery.

Buffy Forever: Great collection of pictures of the cast, many of which have been borrowed for this website. Transcripts, too.

Game Sites

Make Me Eternal
Gaming community for BtVS. You join, become a vamp and have access to all sorts of fun.
Quizzes, Buffy slot machine games, and so many more fun things.

General Show Info Sites

So jealous of how beautiful and resourceful this site is. Click here.
All the useless show info you could care to learn. Timeline, places, weapons, etc.
Buffy Stake
Lots to do here. Send a greeting card. Download all sorts of stuff.
Buffy Unlimited
Downloads, info, galleries and more. No bios.
Dark Bliss
I'm jealous of the splash page. Great extras. Ways to contact the cast.
Everything Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Nice site with lots of info. Even stuff on the movie.
Lovely soft colors. Heaps of hard to find info on anything and everything. Recommended.
Much Ado About Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Handy webpage with info on the comics too. Become a watcher. Fanart, postcards and more.
My So-Called Slayer Life
Lots of little known show info. Sunnydale tour, slayspeak, spells, historical moments plus more.
Our Own Destiny
Combination site of Roswell, Angel & Buffy. Fanart, links and news.
Lots of things to do and see, also mythology of the show. Creative and original in giving out info.
The Realm
Nice beginning of detailed ep guides. Awesome extras and tons of articles.
Shady Hill Cemetery
Bone up on useless knowledge. Learn show mistakes, and learn how to correctly kill a vamp...
Simply Slayers
Tons of fun to be had here. Wallpapers, episode guide, pictures and lots more.
The Slayer.net
Wonderful reference for BtVS and AtS stuff. Lots of things to see and do. Terrific layout.
Famous on the Buffy web for great layout, content and graphics. Great!
Sunnydale Slayer
Slayspeak, Sunnydale places, multimedia and mythology. Plus loads more.

Guide to Sunnydale: Pretty cool info site with a guided tour (way helpful for novices). Downloads, galleries and info galore. Fairly easy to navigate, although the links section there is kind of a pain.

Glory/Clare Kramer Sites

The Charming One
A fan favorite. All sorts of new content and info on Clare.
Clare Kramer Online
The place to go for all things Clare Kramer. Lovely site.
Clare Kramer Zone
Beautiful navigation, great links and helpful content. Overall, brilliant.
Mortal Coil
A Clare Kramer clique with some really great extras. If you love her, join her clique.

Graham Miller/Bailey Chase Sites

Bailey Chase: the Official Site
Official Bailey Chase page. Tons of info on the actor and more. Great layout and design.


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